About Us

Try our noodles and
change your view of instant ramen!

Have you ever been disappointed that instant ramen is different from the ramen you enjoy at a restaurant? Not anymore, because we have completely changed the way you experience instant ramen.

Around 30 years ago, we started transforming the technology of making non-fried noodles because we felt that it did not meet our high standards of excellence. We spent over 10 years developing our secret technique, and we continue to make innovations to better our products today.

Thanks to years of hard work and innovation, the texture, taste, and flavor of our non-fried noodles are indistinguishable from the fresh noodles served at ramen restaurants. We dare say they are the best in the world.

Our secret is … “BOILING” instead of steaming.

Ramen noodles served at restaurants are boiled, whereas instant noodles are traditionally steamed. This process strongly affects the quality. Our noodles are boiled and dried by hot air, and this process allows us to achieve restaurant-level quality. In addition, our noodles are made of high-quality wheat flour that brings out the natural flavors.

Our non-fried noodles have:

  • Smooth consistency
  • Firm texture
  • Natural taste and flavor


Company Name YAMADAI Corporation
Establishment October 1948
Head Office 4828 Hiratsuka, Yachiyo-machi, Yūki-gun, Ibaraki, JAPAN
Capital ¥ 75,000,000 JPY
Annual Sales ¥ 11,390,000,000 JPY (in 2021)
Certification FSSC22000
Business Description Manufacturing and sales of instant noodles
Primary Brands
Factory1 Factory2