About products

A. All of YAMADAI products are made in Ibaraki, Japan.

A. VEGAN NOODLES have 9 months of shelf life. Our other non-fried noodle products have 6 months of shelf life.

A. Our “Best if Used By/Before” label (YY. MM. DD) is indicated on the bottom of the cup.

A. No, they don’t. Please store in a dry place away from heat and direct sunlight.

A. All of our products contain wheat and soybeans. Each product may contain other allergens, so please check the label of each product.

A. No. Microwaving may cause the container (cup and cap) to break. Please use hot water to cook the noodles.

About transaction

A. Please contact us via the inquiry form. (Contact Us)

A. We work with our partners, the Japanese trading companies. If you have interests in our products, please contact us and we will refer you to our partners depending on your country.(Because of country regulations, we do not export any products to China.)

A. 12 items per box (SUGOMEN and VEGAN NOODLES)
6 items per box (Soup de Pasta)

A. It depends on your location. Please contact us for details.

A. We are sorry, we do not accept OEM orders.